Most of the Android users feel awkward while using hearing and watching media files in the default media player. The options present in the standby media player are totally boring. Because it lets users play, pause, resume, forward and backward. Apart from these, there are no additional options. For both audio and the video you will get the same. Think how irritating that it is was? Do you want to watch and hear media files in the more customize manner then MX Player is the best option? This tool helps you to play audio and video files in an impressive manner. If you are not still attentive about this tool then look underneath to check out all the details.

Reasons to choose MX Player:

The features of MX Player are what make it unique amongst various media players. There are so many aspects come under this media player. Look here to know some of the beneficial facets of MX Player. They are,

Audio file playing feature:

  • Of course, MX Player is an outstanding video file playing tool it will also support all type of audio formats such as MP3, AC-3, AAC and many more. Most of the users are not aware of this feature.
  • That’s why it has been mentioned beforehand of the article, Along with video you can also enjoy playing all your favourite audios in MX Player. Once you changed the option then you all set to play the audio file as well. For that
  • Knock on the 3 dots available in the tool situated at the top right corner of the tool
  • After that click on “Settings”
  • Once you reach the Settings you are required to click on the “Audio” option
  • Here check the Audio Player that is what the foremost option
  • Once you have done this then you can play all audio formats in MX Player.

MX Players

High-quality video playing:

  • When comes to the video files the MX Player supports so many formats including AVI, FLV and then much more. These kinds of formats are not supported by most of the media players but MX Player can support it.
  • Additionally, you can able to play HD quality videos if your device software is compatible. It also provides hardware and then software decoding. If you use hardware decoding to watch then the battery will be consumed in less number.
  • In case the hardware decode fails to support any of the video formats then move to software decoding.

Hiding videos:

  • If you want the downloaded videos to get save in a desperate place from the eyes of others. Then you can make use of the hide videos option. Using this option you can easily hide the videos from other access. In order to hide the video files in the MX Player then you are required to press for some seconds on the video you want to hide.
  • After that, some options will get the display in that click on the looking like a pencil option and then rename it. Before going to save put a dot before the name and then click on “Ok”. That’s all the video is successfully hidden. In order to play the hidden file click on the three-dot button and then click on the list. Here choose the hidden file.

Subtitles support:

  • The notable feature of MX Player is subtitling. When you watch the videos along with subtitles then it’s superbright? Using MX Player you can search and then merge the subtitle to the corresponding video. You do not even want to save the subtitle in the folder where the video has been saved in the same name.
  • Regardless of the type of subtitle, it will support all. In case to sync, you also click and drag the subtitle. The subtitles appear in a bold way so you don’t find it difficult to get the flow.

Enhancement in the audio:

  • If any of the audio or video is not supported by any of the media players and you want to watch it for sure means. Then choose MX Player via software decoder you can able to easily play the file in a trouble-free manner.

Playing online files:

  • MX Player is not alone to play the files available in your local drive you also able to play even network files as well. Once you click on any of the videos links the video will start to play on the background. In addition, you also enabled to provide the direct URL of the video that you want to play in the MX Player. This tool will play it in a flawless manner.

Alteration on the two languages audios:

  • When you choose MX Player you can easily able to change that. Say for example if you have downloaded any of the video or movie in one language. After you start to watch then it will play in two languages.
  • This will completely ruin your movie watching experience. You are sought-after ton change the settings. That is knock on the any of the language present in the MX Player and then choose music when the file play. With the aim to change the language you want to click on the icon that presents to change your required language.

How to download and install MX Player?

You know MX media player is reachable for both mobile and the PC. So you can choose this media player for any of your preferable device. Here both handset and then the PC downloading and installation steps are mentioned. Look at the below steps and choose your flexible one.

MX Player

Installation steps-For Mobile:

  • First of all, you are required to download MX Player apk file from any of the sources
  • Choose any of the authentic sites and then do the downloading process. You can witness the “Download” button on the website just click on it to start the downloading process.
  • Even you also make use of the Google search in order to download the MX Player apk file.
  • Once the download starts wait till the source file of MX Player downloading percentage reach to 100%
  • Here you can use make of PC, for that you are required to download the MX Player on PC and then transfer the file to your phone
  • When download finished, leave the file as such instead of opening it
  • After that reach to your Phone Settings and then look for the option “Device Administration” or “Device Management”
  • Once you found then click on that option now search for the “Unknown sources” under that.
  • You are required to enable “Unknown sources” or else want to switch on the alongside button
  • The moment you enabled then you will get a notification, here click “ OK” to move on furthermore steps in the MX Player installation
  • Now go to the “Download” folder and then look for the downloaded MX Player apk file
  • Knock on the downloaded file it will initiate the installation process
  • In order to know whether the installation gets a complete check for MX Player icon or else go to your Apps and then check the availability of the MX Player app

Therefore MX Player for handset installed you all set to use and enjoy playing all sorts of media files in a seamless manner.

Installation method-For PC:

When you choose to install the MX Player on your PC then you want to follow the below-given steps as such. They are,

  • Only when your PC or laptop has Bluestacks Android emulator you can able to install MX Player on it.
  • That’s why you ought to download and then install the “Blustacks” emulator on your PC or laptop.
  • Download the Bluestacks apk and then install it on your PC
  • Alongside download the MX Player apk file
  • Once the Bluestacks installed then click and open it (It takes some seconds to open the window you ought to remain calm)
  • When the tool opened look for the option called “My Apps” in the window.
  • There are various options available in the tool pick “My Apps” in particular
  • It will take you to another screen here check out “+” sign
  • Click on this symbol it will open a window where you want to choose the downloaded apk file of MX Player
  • Knock on “Open” and then the MX Player APK file will start to install
  • Stay quite till the installation complete

Hereby MX Player for PC installed now you can play audio and video file in this amazing media player.

When you download and install MX Player then you can witness great audio and video watching experience in an effortless manner. In specific this app has a child lock feature, by this, you can limit some of the videos that you want to hide from the eyes of your kids. This option helps you to let your kid watch any of the videos in the MX Player since you have taken the control. Thereby MX Player is the superlative app for the users in various terms undoubtedly.